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International people management
This course of 2x2 days is for managers and professionals who lead people in an international context. It is designed to introduce them to the challenges of working effectively and getting results through people in an international context. It enables individuals to develop practical skills to handle the key challenges faced in this environment and to deliver better results.

Minimum age of 21 years
This training course will enable you to:

- understand yourself, your team and team dynamics (The Team Management Profile)
- develop intercultural communication skills (The International Profiler)
- build more effective working relationships
- increase intercultural awareness and skills for successful leadership across cultures
- develop interpersonal awareness and skills for building relationships, giving and receiving
  feedback, influencing, managing conflict, etc.
- get better results
Participants will ideally each go through The Team Management Profile and The International Profiler (TIP) processes (see below) before the course.

Courses are customised to client requirements. However, a typical programme is as follows:

Day 1
Developing international competences
- introductions
- key competences for effective international management

Getting to know your team
- rapport building and network management

Effective communication 1
- getting direction and motivation - the three Ps of good communication
- your communication style
- your communication network
- get your message across in presentations

The impact of culture 1
- developing intercultural awareness – behaviours, values and skills
- cultural and personal filters
- cultural parameters
- critical incidents

Day 2
Review of learnings from Day 1

Focusing on goals
- the virtuous circle and SMART objectives

The impact of culture 2
- understanding the impact of national culture

Effective communication 2
- managing effective international meetings
- listening
- giving and receiving feedback

Day 3
Organisation and cooperation
- achieving higher levels of cooperation
- group activity and feedback

Effective communication 3
- negotiating internationally
- representing your team

Oranisational and professional cultures
- understanding power inorganisations

Day 4
Managing conflict
- understanding conflict
- conflict scenarios

Effective communication 4
- managing communication in virtual and international projects

- coaching styles and caching across cultures
- coaching practice 1

Developing an international management style
- defining your leadership style
- profiling your learning style

Action planning

The International Profiler per participant: £295 including individual one-hour debrief + VAT at 20%

Team Management Profile per participant: £295 (with group debrief during the course) + VAT at 20%

Fee (preparation and delivery) is subject to client’s specific needs, size of group, etc. For a group of up to 15, we charge £1850 per day trainer fee for each two-day seminar plus trainer’s travel, living and accommodation expenses at cost, plus a £20 administration charge to cover administration costs, bank charges, and exchange rate variations. This course is usually run at a client’s premises, and is available throughout the year.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs so that we can customise the training to meet your objectives.
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