Nick Brieger

Nick Brieger has had a long and varied career. After a first degree in law and a Masters in Applied Linguistics, his early career included English language teaching and teacher training in Germany, Sweden, France and Spain. Working as a university lecturer in Czechoslovakia in the mid-70’s, he recognised the importance of English as a common language to forge international contacts and intercultural understanding. In the 80’s, he continued to develop links with countries in Eastern Europe, especially Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, where he worked with trainers on developing communication skills programmes for managers. In the 90’s, the accelerated demand for international competence took him to Asia, where he designed and delivered training programmes for those pursuing global careers.

In recent years, he has worked with a range of major international organisations in both the private and public sectors on developing:

  • communication skills
  • high-performing teams
  • intercultural competences.

He has also designed and delivered workshops in internationalisation for teachers from higher and vocational education institutions in Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

He is the author of more than 30 books in the field of language, communication and culture; and an occasional speaker at international conferences and seminars.

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