Academic Writing for Researchers and University Staff & Presenting in English

This hands-on, practical one week course covers the language needed for presentations, talks and lectures, and deals with the delivery skills required in order to maximize the effectiveness of the presentations. It also introduces language for Academic Writing, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, formality, register, and style. Areas of Academic Writing tackled are Abstracts and Articles/Papers, with critical analysis of model abstracts.

Participants work up to a presentation delivery by the end of the week, with feedback on both language and performance.

Participants own writing skills are developed through feedback on their own writing, and a Language Clinic to tackle errors and develop a wider range of vocabulary and structures.

Fast Facts

Course dates:25 Feb – 01 March 2019
02 – 06 Sept 2019
09 – 13 Sept 2019
Max. group size:6
Course materials:Included
(includes £50 booking fee)
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